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Father once told me that the first thing my wee feet touched was an ocean wave. Which makes sense considering I would spend all my free time at the beach. Especially at night, when the sky was clear. I would take a walk, with only the aid of moonlight and stars to guide me on the path around the lowest part of the cliffs. The sound of the crashing waves told me how close I was to the ocean. This was always a magic time for me, when I would become a ghost and all but disappear into the thick darkness of rocky shadows. I never worried about wild animals most of them did not dare to get this close to the cliff’s edge. I did have to watch out for sleeping seals. I would occasionally hear a disgruntled bark from one as my approach forced it awake and back into the icy ocean. Sometimes I would just sit on the cliffs and disappear to the point that even the seals forgot about me.

One night I remember connoting two sets of falling stars while being a “ghost”. It is amazing what one can see and hear when to all other living creators one had disappeared. In this state of being I ha e heard everything from human conversation to seals and other creatures that lurk about in the night. Though the sound that has continued to stay with me is that of fierce waves crashing angrily against rocks that refuse to make way for them.

“There are very few people who can truly make an impact in this world. Those in the seats of power, those with enough riches to buy them power, and those who are power…” Delrin says, her breath fogging up in the cool of the night.

“Do you always have to be so overdramatic about everything?” Med interrupts, shining her flashlight at Delrin.

She blocks the light with her hand and continues, “The first two groups are temporary, they say the wrong thing on camera, they make one bad investment. Eventually they all fall down.”

“Delrin, what are we doing out here?” asks Med as she rubs arms, “We’re gonna get sick.”

“Relax. We won’t get sick. Not after tonight.” she responds.

“Can you cut the crap and get to the point already?”

“Always so impatient.” Delrin says, “Just look,” she shines her flashlight at small opening in the rock.

“What is that?” Med asks, moving closer to the opening.

“The answer to all of our problems.” Delrin answers with a grin

“Seriously,” Med rolls her eyes, “can you stop being vague for two seconds?”

“You know how my family is… unique?”

“Understatement. But, yes.”

“Well I finally figured out why…”


“You’re ruining the mysterious vibe I’m going for, Med.” Delrin whines, “Can you just be cool for like, five minutes.”

“Please forgive me.” Med mockingly pleads, “Why is your family ever so unique.”

“Thank you… As it turns out there’s a spring at the top of this mountain.”

“And? They swim in it?”

“No. They drink it.”

“Wow! They drink it? That is crazy.”

“And it gives them superpowers.”


Delrin nods her head, “That’s what I said.”

“I’m going home.” Med turns to head back down the path.

“Fine by me. I’ll just take over the world by myself then.” Delrin shrugs.

Med stops. “Let’s say I did believe you… If this spring does give people magic powers. Then why are we down here and not at the top of the mountain?”

“Now you’re asking the right questions, Med. There is a very good reason we’re down here at this cave entrance and not at the spring.”

“Do tell.”

“It’s quite simple really…” Delrin gestures for Med to come closer to the cave entrance, “Because I found the source.”

“Of the spring?” Med asks warily.

“Yep!” Delrin exclaims.

“Alright then. Let’s see it.”

It was meant to be a routine expedition, as simple as walking in and taking the goods. But these ancient temples still had some surprises left up there sleeve. We were a 10 man crew at the beginning but we had already lost two and who knew how many more if we were not careful.
“Dammit Rodger! Are you OK?” Beth called out. Rodger called back “Yes we are all fine. I have two others with me” And as Beth surveyed the numbers on her side all were accounted for. “We’re all good here to and it seems like no one was hurt this time” she yelled.

Rodger and Beth had been the team leaders of this expedition, it was in search of a buried treasure said to be unguarded and forgotten. They were both pushing fifty and this was meant to be there last run. The rest were recruits found from all over.

One of the recruits Liam yelled out “What do we do now?” and there was murmuring from the rest of the recruits. Rodger silenced this assuring everyone that all was OK and that both sides would have to meet again at some point. Tensions rose among all bodies but there seemed to be no other way, and with a sigh Beth agreed to split and search for a way to regroup.

Looking around the room Beth saw an opening that was on the wall away from the side they were trying to rejoin, a door a little further up from there and then double doors on the north wall from them. Sending two recruits to investigate what could be seen from the opening and through the door on the apposing wall, it seemed forwards to be the best course of action.

On the other side of the wall Rodger and the two recruits found themselves having to crawl, as the only exit on there side was a tunnel bore through a long wall. As they squeezed and shimmy’d their prayers were unison there was no collapse in the tunnel. Once at the other end of the tunnel it opened to a big room. Which Rodger and the recruits were happy to step out into, as the tunnel had been a claustrophobic experience.

A set of double doors opened to the left of them, Beth and the recruits entered the room. “Well that was easy!” Rodger laughed looking over his shoulder and continuing “I think we got lucky with that tunnel boys” But then Steve said suddenly and a little panicked, “That would mean someone has been here first!” “Correct!” Rodger replied instantly then adding on in a sly tone “But that doesn’t mean they found anything”

“Rest and relaxation, that’s all I really need,” Kevin thought to himself. Kevin Harper lived by the adage, “Work hard, play hard.” He’d been working and playing so hard lately that resting hard was the welcome third option he was happy to try. Sure, he was in his twenties and therefore should be full of energy, but he was in his late twenties. Sometimes the older young just needed a chance to recharge.

He had worked very hard to get to this point of relaxation. He’d accomplished all the lawn work. His back yard was immaculate. The hammock was expertly strung up. He even had a nice snack and drink set up on a nearby tray, just within his reaching distance. The relaxation time had come. He had been looking forward to this all week. It was because of this anticipation, that he found the sudden appearance of his friend, Emery Bishop, so annoying.

“Emery? What the hell, man? Where the heck did you come from?” The start caused Kevin to quickly sit up, which resulted in his fall out of his hammock.

Emery rushed to his friend excitedly. “You’re not going to believe this man! I barely believe it myself.”

Kevin scratched his head. “I didn’t hear you coming through the gate…”

“That’s because I didn’t come through the gate! I teleported here, man! I teleported.”

Kevin glanced around his yard as one does after one falls from a hammock. “You what? Did I hit my head?”

Emery rushed over to Kevin and wrapped his arms around him in a tight embrace. “Watch this!”

“What are you doing…”

There was a blink. Suddenly they were no longer standing in Kevin’s backyard. Instead the two men were tightly in front of a small spring.

Kevin broke away from Emery’s embrace. Emery was a big fellow so there was a bit of effort involved. “Where are we?”

Emery could hardly contain his excitement. “We are deep in the wooded area behind my new house. I went out exploring today and was overjoyed to discover I had this tiny natural spring. My first thought, look how clear that water is. If it tastes as good as it looks, I’ll never have to pay for spring water again. So, I took a drink, just to see how it tasted. That’s when…” Emery paused in his rapid-fire story telling.

“That’s when what, Emery?”

“It’s hard to describe. I started to feel like I had the energy to do anything. I mean, I really felt amazing. Then I thought, ‘Wow, Kevin has to give this stuff a try.’ The next thing I know, I’m in your backyard and you’re falling out of a hammock.”

“So, you’re saying you think this spring gave you some sort of magical super powers?”

Emery was jumping up and down. “That’s exactly what I’m saying. You need to try this water! I think this spring is bubbling from an aquifer on my property. Who knows how much water we have?”

Kevin stared at the bubbling liquid. “You’re sharing this with me?”

“Of course, buddy. Take a drink. I might take another drink myself. I kind a feel like the energy is starting to wane.”

Both men knelt at the spring with hands cupped. This moment would be forever known by the two friends as the great beginning.

Dreams are nothing more than your brain rehearsing the information of the day through story and adventure. Or at least that is what I tell myself when I wake up, my throat soar from screaming and my roommates worried eyes gently piercing the dark, from the small slit she has made by opening the door only an inch. She wants to ask but I don’t know what to tell her so I typically wave and mouth and apology so she can leave me to my intellectualization.

The dreams aren’t even scary. No one dies, there is no blood or gore, but I can feel it. The lighting like tension in my chest, the way piercing green eyes makes my skull feel hollow and then there is him. I never see him entirely, just a well-worn hand, a small dimple in his left cheek and of course the words “surrender, my love”. I suppose I expected myself to get used to them. Every night, every nap, every time I lightly drift off in a boring meeting since my 23rd birthday I see it and hear and feel it. Like I said, not scary, just unnerving. So, I pretend they don’t happen, slam a boiling cup of chamomile tea, ignore how it burns my esophagus and rests on my rib cage with grease fire like heat, and lay in bed hoping my eyelids will grow heavy, till the sun decides to grace me with it’s presence. It took it’s dear sweet time this morning.

Shoes! I need to remember to pack my shoes today. Public transportation is not kind to heels but a job at Rebel, a small local fashion magazine, is not kind to flats. So, I stick my cheetah print wedges in an oversized leather tote bag and march to the train station. Good thing sleep deprivation is in style this season. I watch the blurs of our world paint the window in quick ever-changing strokes of greys and blues. The city is never beautiful, but it is always art. I find myself holding my core in anticipation for the sudden stop, the first one of the day always feels more jolting than the others. Today jolting was certainly an apt word.

Lightening: it radiates through my teeth forcing a small chatter and every thought and memory I have every had vanished except for one. You guessed it; the dream hung in my mind like a door on rusty hinges. I couldn’t close it, tear it off, break it and forget about it, it just wanted me to walk in. Psychotic, I’m clearly psychotic. How else can I explain, in the midst of the blurred images outside my train window, seeing worn hands, green eyes and a small dimple on his left side.”

I gingerly removed my shoe. Yup, already swelling. I slid my sock off, gasping as pain shot up and down my leg. My ankle was bent pretty unnaturally. I had a few cuts and bruises, but nothing major… Other than the broken ankle.

I guess it probably would’ve been a good idea to listen to my parents when they told me to keep away from the ravine. Oh well. There’s nothing to be done about it now. I tried to drag myself back up the rough incline I’d fallen down. I winced and collapsed back down, my ankle throbbing. My leg had slid out from beneath me, slamming my ankle against a rock.

It was a very smooth, round rock. It was smooth and round enough that I forgot about getting out of the ravine for a second. Anything distracting from the pain was pretty good, though.

I hauled myself up into a sitting position and examined the rock. Parts of it glimmered in the dappled sunlight as if crystal veins ran along its otherwise bland surface. It was round, but not completely round. It was oblong, shaped like… an egg.

What sort of creature could lay an egg like this? Something so plain and hidden yet so beautiful? The crystalline elements had only begun to resolve as I drew the egg closer to my face. They went from vein-like lines to strange symbols once it was only an inch or two from my eye. None of the symbols were anything I knew. But I did know someone who might…

First, I had to get out of this stinking ravine. I groaned and leaned back down from my half-sitting position on the rocky ground.

I turned the stone over and over in front of my face, checking for any symbol that looked at all familiar. One of them caught my eye, but I still had no idea what it meant. As I focused on it, it began to glow, shimmering brighter than the others around it.

I felt a strange, warmth wash over me, and all the pain from my ankle slowly faded. I felt… floaty. The feeling only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like hours passed as I just drifted peacefully.

Strength returned to my ankle. I looked down at it, still a bit fuzzy. I watched it snap back into place. The scrapes on my arms and legs were gone too.

I looked back to the bright symbol on the egg, but couldn’t find it. I finally located the spot on the egg where it had been, but it had faded away completely, leaving only a dark spot.

I scrambled up the ravine and headed back toward the village. I needed to talk to Carl. Carl the Warlock.

I wake up from my dream, drenched in sweat. I started having the dream about a month ago, after my 25th birthday.

The dream is always the same. I am standing somewhere, I can’t tell where though. It’s like I’m standing in this kind of fog. I don’t know where I am, or what I’m doing there. All I saw was this woman. She had long dark hair, and was wearing all black. She was beautiful. She held a gun, a 9mm Ruger, aimed at me, and was crying. I remember feeling sad, despite the gun being pointed at me. I couldn’t hear her, but I watched her talk to me, like a silent movie. Then, she pulled the trigger.

The dream is so distorted, I can never tell what she says to me. I can only tell how I feel about the situation, and I remember this, because it’s so odd. Underneath all of that sadness I felt, I felt so much love for that woman. Of course, I don’t know why. I can’t say I’ve ever been in love before. Why am I so sure that’s how I was feeling?

I rise out of bed, and stretch. Time to get ready for the day, like every other day. Shower, breakfast, work, like clockwork. My days are usually predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I go out to the bar and have dates, dinner with family, I’m not a total robot. The work days are the ones that just drone on. I leave my apartment to catch the train to work as a teller at a bank. I find a seat, and pull up the news on my phone. A grocery store bank branch was robbed yesterday. There’s been this group of bank robbers going around for a few weeks. Our bank just had a meeting because of these. Give them the insured money, don’t be a hero. Basically.

The train stops and lets people off, I see her from the corner or my eye. I snap my head up to catch her face, but she exited the train. Was that….? I jump up, and get off the train. I was about two more stops from work, but I didn’t think of that. The literal woman of my dreams just passed me, and that can’t be a coincidence. I look around, thinking I lost her. I spot her again, walking out of the train station doors.

“Miss!” I yell, but she is too far from me to hear me. I run after her. I exit the station, and run out onto the street. Damn. I don’t see her. I sigh, and turn to enter back into the station. Someone taps me on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, are you following me?”

Uh oh, I turn and see her. Of course she thinks I’m some creep following her. Maybe I am. Maybe she’ll get me arrested right here. I manage to stutter out.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I thought I recognized who you were. There must be a misunderstanding.”

She looked at me, and smirked.

“Or, Eli Knight, maybe it’s because you’ve been dreaming about me?” She asks. I am bewildered by her question.

“Wha- how do you know my name? Or about my dreams?”

“Because” she states matter of factly.

“Because I’ve been dreaming about you as well.”

The rhythmic motion of the train had my head nodding within minutes. I had stayed up far too late last night and woke far too early this morning. I stayed up half the night searching social media accounts and newspaper articles, looking for a face I’d never actually seen before. For months I’d been having strange dreams that I couldn’t explain. They were always different, but one thing connected them all: the face of a man I’d never seen before. In my dreams he was always passing by or rounding a corner out of sight. Sometimes he bumped into me but was lost in a crowd in an instant. He never spoke to me, nor I to him. I know it’s common for the mind to use familiar faces to fill in characters in a dream, and I think I’ve heard somewhere that the brain cannot generate original faces for dreams. But who was he? Why was he in all my dreams?

I looked up from my phone screen when a pair of dress shoes stood directly in front of me, toes in my direction. My eyes trailed up a very normal looking grey suit and tie to a face. A man was looking at me, his expression one of expectancy, as if he had just spoken to me and waited for my reply. I couldn’t recall hearing what he said, and I couldn’t find my voice. It was HIM! The man standing in front of me on the morning train was the familiar and yet strange face of the man who walked through my dreams.

I jerked awake as some of the passengers bustled and shuffled toward the door to my left. I scanned the faces reflexively. He wasn’t there. I did, however, spot a better seat across from mine and down a bit so it was almost in front of the door.

Trying not to fall asleep again, I checked my email and opened the file containing the beginnings of my next article. I had all week to finish it, but I liked to keep ahead of the deadlines. I wouldn’t get much done between here and my stop, but I wasn’t one to waste time.

I glanced up at the last stop before mine. The same people who always got off exited and the same people who always got on boarded the train. The faces were always the same, except for one. The familiar face I had never actually seen was there on the platform outside the train! I couldn’t get a better look at him with everyone coming and going. I didn’t even feel my body rise from my seat, nor did I feel myself bolt out of the door at the last second. The train pulled away, the next stop only two blocks from the building in which I worked. Work could wait. I had to find that man!


Kevin didn’t feel it at first. Well other than the normal sensation of cool liquid sliding down your esophagus. He looked at his hands confused; expecting a sudden change, but they did not shoot lasers or turn to stone like he had expected.

“Dude, it’s not working, you’re full of it” he stated, pursing his lips.

“Trust me it will!” Emery responded enthusiastically, as he already felt the power surge through his body once more.

Kevin did eventually feel it, but it was a slow and painful if it wasn’t also wonderful. It was like falling in love if love meant you could feel every atom vibrate around you. He instinctively pressed his fingers to the ground as if he was tracking an animal on a hunt. When he picked his fingers up, expecting to be disappointed, there were small pools, five of them where he had just pressed the ground. He felt the sticky liquid by rubbing his thumb across the others in a circular motion. The liquid grew thinner and soon formed a small grey cloud above his hand.

“you got to have some hot hands” Emery almost whispered, processing what had just happened.

“I don’t think it is heat” Kevin mumbled as he poked the cloud resulting in pebbles dropping to the ground.

“I didn’t pay that much attention to science class, but I think I might be changing the frequency or speed of the atoms or something” Kevin explained further, bewildered but what his body had done. It seemed odd to him. He used to know everything he was capable of, how far he could run, work, think and yet here he was doing something he never could have dreamed. Part of him wanted to be overjoyed by the potential that he could continue to surprise himself, but for some reason he felt betrayed, like his body no longer belonged to him.

“This is the beginning of something great!” Emery screamed, hardly able to contain his excitement of gaining superpowers with his friend.

He was right though. It was the beginning of something great, at least short term. For about three months it was. Work wasn’t necessarily easier, but play was, and Kevin was able to find some level of satisfaction by entertaining with sleight of hand ‘magic’ and occasionally stopping someone from mugging another person. However, the more they drank the more they needed, and he was becoming worried by how unstable he felt as the effects wore off. So, three months later the great beginning had started to feel like the great jail sentence. He felt chained the to well.

When he tried to stop, he felt like his bones were going to vibrate into a liquid mess of himself and if he drank but tried not to use his newfound abilities, he felt every ounce of blood in his body getting thicker and turning to stone. Emery didn’t seem to have this problem and he couldn’t decide if that was better or worse. Maybe it didn’t matter, maybe pain was pain.

Kevin took several drinks from the spring, as did Emery. At first, Kevin felt as if he had a thirst that would not be sated. Eventually, he had his fill and he slowed down enough to take stock of the happenings within his body. He glanced over to his friend. “I feel the energy feeling that you were talking about. Did your head start spinning?”

Emery gave Kevin a thoughtful look. “Maybe, it’s because you were drinking so fast.”

Kevin’s mind stabilized a bit, but was that a slight. “What are you talking about? You were drinking just as fast as I was.”

Emery could sense Kevin’s defensiveness. “I’m not saying that you were drinking any faster than I was, but this was my second exposure. I had a small drink my first time. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Are you calling me a glutton?” The angry response even caught Kevin off guard. Usually, he was the most laid-back person around. Still, he could feel an annoyance from deep within the jumble of his spinning mind. He could feel it turning into white hot anger. “Is that what you’re doing?”

“Maybe, you should calm down, Kevin!”

Kevin could feel the anger erupting from deep inside. Emery sure wasn’t helping things. Kevin took a deep breath. His original plan had been to relax. He was beginning to realize that he was worn out when this all started. “You know, Emery, I don’t like the way I’m feeling right now. I think I just need to rest. It’s been a very long day. So, how did you manage to teleport?”

Emery walked over to Kevin and put a hand on his shoulder. “All I did was close my eyes and I thought about were I wanted to go.”

Kevin closed his eyes. He imagined his perfectly manicured back yard. He imagined his carefully strung up hammock. He imagined the snack he had prepared. Then, he opened his eyes. Emery was still standing in front of him. For some reason the overly concerned look on Emery’s face was really beginning to grate on his nerves.

“Do you think you were imagining it right?”

“How many ways can you imagine something, Emery? It’s obvious your stupid spring didn’t give me any magical powers…”

“Okay, Kevin…”

“No, it’s not okay! You get to live in a house with a magical spring and, like usual, I am apparently invisible to the universe…”

“Um, Kevin…”

“What? Can’t you see I’m ranting? What’s wrong with you? What kind of person interrupts a person in the middle of a rant?”

“I can’t see that you’re ranting, Kevin. I can’t see you at all.”

“What?” Kevin paused long enough to lift his hand. He couldn’t see himself either. Anger immediately gave way to giddiness. “It looks like I really am invisible to the universe.”

Beth looked in bewilderment at Rodger who seemed way to excited about the idea of going further into danger. “We have already lost two members and we wont be finding anything either except an exit!” Beth exclaimed, but she noticed that Liam and Steve the two recruits separated were falling in behind Rodger now..

“They would have died in vain and we are so close I know it..” Rodger said with passion and desperation in his voice, and Beth was stuck for words seeing the young man she had fallen in love with before her. Mary a recruit on Beth’s side now said “He is right… We all decided this, maybe not all that would happen.. But he is right..”

Beth now turned to face Mary “What if we end up like Kyle and Jennifer?” she said, her eyes locked onto Mary’s. “We wont!” Mary replied firmly turning away and finding anything else to be doing. She had known Kyle and his death was playing on her as she had triggered the floor. Beth however saw that she had hurt the girl and felt bad.

Her tone and ferocity lowering as quickly as it had escalated. “I don’t want this Rodger, but I cant leave here without you. We have always come back TOGETHER!” Rodger was filled with love for a moment by this, almost losing sight of his goal. But fortunately the other three recruits that were with Beth stepped forward.

“Me, Paul and Sara” Craig blurted out as Paul muttered under his breath “Paul, Sara and I” “You, Paul and Sara what?” Beth asked confused. “We will help you find an exit while the others find the treasure, but none of us will have to leave until all of us are ready!” Craig said reassuringly with a goofy smile on his face.

Beth thought on this for a moment then gave a simple “okay” and Mary headed over to Rodger and the others. Rodger now held Beth for a moment before saying “It will all be alright, and i’ll see you soon K” finishing with a quick kiss. “Just don’t get hurt” Beth replied softly, and then they faced there teams. Ahead was a staircase leading down and a set of double doors. Rodgers team decided to go deeper and Beth agreed they would take the doors. And with another final look at each other they went to split.

But as Rodger and his team moved down a few steps, a grating sound echoed as the stairs became a slide, forcing them all to fall. Seeing this Beth cried out “”RODGER!”…

Kevin took a cautious sip from his cupped hands, still wondering if he had taken a head knock and this was all a dream. But as the liquid touched his lips they seemed to tingle and absorb the energy coming from the liquid in front of him.”Woah!” he said shaking his head as if he had just shot straight liquor.

“What’s wrong man?” Emery asked laughing, and a serious tone crept into Kevin’s voice when he spoke next. “This is amazing man..Truly..! But whats the cost..?”

“The cost?… You already thinking about making money off this ‘cept keeping it for ourselves?” asked amused but confused. Kevin stared at him hearing his question, but found himself caught in the fact that he could see lights and moving things it seemed behind Emery’s eyes.

“The cost to you man” Kevin said not feeling the amusement still. But now Emery was really confused, “Umm.. nothing man, I own it…” he sputtered out as if hoping he was right. But Kevin could not tell if he was just being dumb, to high on water or yanking his chain right now. So taking another sip he asked “How you do that teleport thing”

Emery grinned from ear to ear seeing his friend sharing the excitement now and explained how he had thought of him in relax mode at home, and next thing he knew there he was. This was all that Kevin needed to know and after taking a deep breath he drank a good sized mouthful, closed his eyes and thought about being back with his beer.

His concentration was broken with a slap on the back, forcing him to open his eyes. When he did he saw that his beers from home were now sitting next to him on the ground, and looking at the case of beer he realized that he had messed up in being to specific.

Closing his eyes again he tried to picture his relax spot in all its glorify, maybe even adding a little magnitude to the image, and then like a surge of electricity he felt himself pulled forward and stopped without moving. When he opened his eyes though panic flooded over him!

Eli Knight. He is definitely a lot cuter in person than he was in my dream. I watch his jaw drop and can’t help but chuckle. He closes his mouth and shakes his head.

“Okay, so how do you know my name, and I don’t know yours?” He asks.

“Well…..” Do I tell him? I’ve been having these dreams for as long as I can remember, and I’m not the only one with abilities like these. I just wonder why he is having these dreams about me. I shrug his question off and stick out my hand.

“My name is Phoebe. Phoebe Grant.” He takes my hand and we both jump. A jolt of electricity gently pulses through our joining hands and down my arm. I can’t tell if it’s a power, or attraction.

“Did you feel that too?” He asks. I ignore his question.

“I need you to follow me, I will explain everything.”

We found a coffee stand with some tables and benches to sit at. It was a lot quieter than the station. I grabbed our coffee and bagels while Eli went to call into work. I stirred my iced coffee and spread cream cheese onto my bage, having the much needed conversation in my head before he joined me at the table.

“Alright, lets talk.” He takes a drink from his coffee and preps his bagel.

“Okay, let’s start with me telling you, I have what is called precognition. It’s the ability to see events into the future.” I take a drink from my coffee, letting him take information in slowly.

“There is a very small group of us with these certain abilities. We call ourselves the Unknown. Because no one needs to know about us.”

“Ummm….okay.” Eli said. “What does that have to do with me?”

“The reason I’m telling you about this secret group of outcasts, is because of my dream I had of you. I decided to reach out to you, I know what train you take to work everyday, but I didn’t want to scare you off, so I had you approach me. My dream came in bits. It started with meeting you, that’s how I know what train to take. Then, it carried on to you meeting the Unknowns and helping us the way I believe you could.”

“Helping you?” Eli asked. He hasn’t said much while I was talking, I assume he’s still processing, so I don’t blame him.

“I believe the reason you had your dream, was because you are starting to develop these abilities as well. But more than one ability at once, which is very rare.”

His eyes widened. “You can tell who develops powers? And who has powers?”

“No. That’s someone’s ability at the camp. They can pinpoint who has what abilities and locate them. If you are who we think you are, you will develop all of these abilities at once, it will take practice to control, but being able to do this, you will be able to save a bunch of people. Not just the Unknowns.”

Eli sat back in his chair, and stared at me. I didn’t expect him to say anything, but he spoke.

“But if my dream is a vision, then that means, you’re going to kill me.” My heart jumped into my throat. Well shit. Of course that’s what he was going to see as his first event. I knew what he was talking about, and I better think of something quick, before he says no.


Rodger had come down hard on his shoulder and head after being turned around as he slid. The other three managed to keep there feet beneath them, but Steve came down hard on a loose stone, rolling and snapping his ankle. His screams in pain woke Rodger from his daze and collecting his senses he made his way to the recruit.

Mary and Liam were already applying pressure and forming a stint as he walked over, and he was reassured in there goal twice fold from there efficiency. Liam now showed Rodger the break, and Rodger went a little Pale upon seeing it. “It’s through the skin and he wont be able to travel through here like this” Liam said with a serious look on his face. Rodger thought on what was said before hearing now that Steve’s cries had lessened Beth from above.

Without waiting to hear what she was saying Rodger called out “We need rope Beth. We are okay but Steve has a nasty break and we gotta get him out” He hoped that she would hear this and have enough rope to reach, as it had felt that they slid for sometime before hitting bottom. Up above the same fear existed as they started binding there ropes together to see what length they could get.

Once they were all affixed together Beth called out “I am going to throw a rope let me know if you see it!” And with that she threw out a good length of rope ready to keep running it out till the end. As she ran it out Sara shone a torch down the ‘now slide’ and saw that the rope was stuck and doubling over.

Retrieving the rope Beth thought about a way around this and took a can of soup she had packed in her bag. Tying the rope through the lid in the can, and lowering it softer onto slide this time she was able to run it out with enough weight that it kept taught and did not get stuck. “Why your soup?” Sara asked with a smirk on her face. Beth smiled through her stress and said “Soup is good when your sick or hurt…”

“I see you have also seen parts of my dreams while I have been trying to reach you, but I assure you that these come out of order and context, seeming only fluid to the dreaming mind..” Eli sat blankly listening and this expression did not change once I had finished, so I decided to go on.

“I had an old friend who passed a little while ago now. He had died after being shot attempting to stop an armed robbery gone bad. He had seen the gun in the mans hand and knew it was loaded but went for it anyway” Eli now leaned forward a little and muttered a soft “I am sorry” while I continued.

“That’s okay he had saved many other people in similar or worse situations throughout his life. An amazing man and more importantly the point, as my friend would say ‘If any situation calls out for a hero.. BE the Hero ALWAYS and this is your chance to be that hero and save so so many..” I finished with a hint of desperation in my voice, which was luckily not noticed or ignored.

Eli lowered his head and began thinking hard about what was being proposed and then stumbling on a question he blurted it out “What do I have to do to save these people… And you can’t say just come with me or something like that!” I felt a little offended by that remark as that had been my first thoughts on what I would have said too…

“You must meet with the high council and divulge your concerns with them, as I only know that you went off to save everyone.. I see you every now and then, but mostly I wait for whatever it is you do to be done. Then I see you after safe and NOT dead!” I lied…

Eli now shifted again in his seat and asked “What’s in it for me then If I do..? I’ll bite and be the hero but I expect more than just a thanks if I do!” I scoffed at this and found him to be less and less appealing as this conversation drew out. “What would you want?” I replied.

“How does a 12 foot statue sound!?” I lied again…

Over the past week, Phoebe had introduced me to the Unknowns. Lauren who can shapeshift into any living thing, Travis who has heightened physical abilities, such as strength and speed, Dean who can become invisible and August who was the one with the ability to track people with abilities and what abilities they have. It was a very small group.

Phoebe helped me tap into my abilities and strengthen them. So far I have perfected teleportation. I seem to have developed only a few other abilities, but Phoebe is confident I will eventually develop the rest of these abilities over time. So far, I have traits of precognition, like Phoebe, telepathy, reality warping, which is harder than I thought, and teleportation.

Today during our practice, is the day I’ve decided to ask Phoebe out. She was helping me with simple reality warping, when she got a phone call, and had to step out. I waited for her, practicing making an apple look like an orange.

“Small steps.” She has told me all week. That’s why it took me so long to perfect one ability. After about the millionth time of making an apple look like different fruit, I realized Phoebe wasn’t back yet. I wandered to go look for her. The Unknowns have taken capacity in an abandoned school way off the map. The play yard is where we practice our abilities, and sleep in the classrooms converted to small dorms. It must have taken a few years to get this place to look like home. I looked around the inside of the school, and the rest of the play yard. She wasn’t there. I went to the parking lot and saw her car. She has to be here somewhere. I thought to myself. As I walked back into the building, my vision went dark, and someone knocked me unconscious.

I came to with a bag over my head. I have no idea where I am.

“Eli? Are you okay?” I can hear Phoebe as me.

“Phoebe. Can you reach me? I can teleport us out of here.”

“Don’t bother.” A man said. I don’t recognize the voice.

“Who are you?” I asked. I’m irritated. I don’t know what’s going on. The bag comes off my head. Two men and a woman are standing around myself and Phoebe.

“Jake here cancels out your powers with his.” The man said, he nodded his head toward a blonde guy, who smirked at me in response.

“Who are you?” I asked the guy talking to me, who seems to be a leader of this gang. The man smiled at me.

“Well, Eli? Is it? We are a seperate part of the Unknowns, called the Rejected.”

“We’re the bad guys of this story, Eli. And you are going to help us.”

I look at him, confused.

“Why the hell would I help you?”

“Because, I can tell you everything you don’t know about the Unknowns.” He gestures toward Phoebe.

“Including about her. Lets start with this. I’m James. And the girl you have a crush on, has been keeping all kinds of shit from you. Including her abilities.”

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