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Immortal Contest | 02/10/2020 | Weekly Writing Contest

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About The Event

123 Main Street
Chicago, IL 60640 United States
February 10, 2020
8:00 am - 9:00 pm

First draft of the week will be released on Mondays at noon. Round 1 book repository will be officially open for submissions from the release of prompt till 9pm same night. You can submit your work anytime between then but being early allows you to have more time for readers to vote. We will let everyone have the chance to get their submissions voted therefore 9pm is the cut-off time. We will count the vote at 11am next morning and find the winner of the round which will become the prompt for the following round and continue contributing to the story.

You may take whatever concept you had from the previous round, try and bring over to the next round’s prompt if your story haven’t been chosen for the round. You can still change the name of the characters if you’d prefer however it’s easier for readers to follow a consistent story rather than new story every round from everyone. But you are welcome to continue your own story and keep submitting them each round if you believe your story will sway the readers mind sometime between Monday till Saturday 9pm which concludes the 6 round of the immortal contest.

Each round’s word count requirement is between 300-600 words maximum. Mondays, Tuesdays will be dedicated to the opening parts of the story. Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to furthering the plot and Friday & Saturdays are dedicated to ending part of the story. That will be the suggested structure of the contest.

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Optional* Prompt/Guide:

Prompt #1: You have found an egg with an ancient inscription written in long lost dead language that you cannot understand. Looks to be a spell.
what creature could this be?phoenix? dragon? golden goose?how big or small is this egg?who do you trust enough to share your findings with? do you know of a wizard by chance?

Prompt #2: Small natural spring has been discovered that those who drink the water gains magical powers. Dilution weakens the strength of the magic. This magic wears of eventually. You learn that this natural spring comes out of a bigger aquifer.

Prompt #3: You’ve been having this recurring distorted dream of a stranger for the past month since your birthday. One day on your commute to work on the train, you spot the person in the corner of your eye walking the opposite direction outside.
is this person real
are you hallucinating
or is your dreams getting more vivid/life like?
could this person be your soulmate?

Optional* = yes, you can submit your own story.

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding this prompt, please do not hesitate to contact us. See Questions? section below.


Please join our public Slack channel for any questions or concerns regarding the contest or:

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