Weekly Narration Contest | 02/11-02/18/2020

February 11

Weekly Narration Contest | 02/11-02/18/2020

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About The Event

123 Main Street
Chicago, IL 60640 United States
February 11, 2020
8:00 am - 9:00 pm

300-600 word piece will be provided for narration on Tuesdays. All submissions are open for public voting till Sunday afternoon. Sooner you turn in your entry, the more time you will have to collect votes. Top 3 voice actors from this preliminary round will advance to the final round of ~3600 word entry. These 3 entries will then contest till Tuesday afternoon. Winner will be announced along with a new material for the next contest of the week.


You have 2 options to choose from and you can choose to submit either or both. If you submit both works, they will simultaneously accumulate points and will count the most voted entry. If you are content with the one you have submitted, that is fine as well.

Reading option #1

The static voice of the yoga instructor from Sabrina’s laptop echoed from the coffee table. It was pushed to the edge of the couch to make room for her green yoga mat. With her feet planted firmly on the floor, she went to enter another pose when her cellphone’s ringtone alerted her from the kitchen. She leaned down and pressed the space bar to pause the video. Sabrina grabbed her towel to pat off the sweat from her forehead and neck.

She picked up the cherry phone and answered without looking at the caller ID. “Ms. Perkins, thank you for answering. This is Dr. Rupert and as I was going through your file,”

“I’m quite healthy. You’ve seen this the last month,” she interrupted.

“Yes, I understand. You aren’t the issue. You are a perfect candidate for one of my patients that need an organ transplant.” Dr. Rupert leaned back in his rolling chair after dropping her file on his desk. The light surrounding him was dim, illuminating only from a single lamp.

She put down the towel on the island counter top and adjusted her weight to her right leg. “Organ transplant. Why, in your right mind, think I would want to give up my organs for a stranger?”

“Just come to the hospital, meet him, and we can discuss everything before you make your decision.” Sabrina stared at her hand still firmly pressed on top of the towel.

The hospital was cold with hues of bright white and blue scattered around the waiting area. Sabrina sat in a lounge chair furthest away from any actual patients. She held her tan clutch centered on her lap, but it occasionally moved with her bouncing her leg. A nurse came up from the hallway and called her in. The colors of the waiting room extended passed the heavy, brown double doors. Once passing the corner, the spikey brunette hair of her primary care doctor stood out amongst the people gathered around him. She twisted her neck slightly just enough to let off a slight pop, not ready to hear what he has to say.

The nurse took his attention from the conversation and he reached out his hand towards Sabrina. “Ms. Perkins, glad that you can make it.”

“I wish I could say the same,” she said, pulling back her hand. “What do I need to know?”

Dr. Rupert stood up straighter than he was in response to her seriousness. He clinched his jaw slightly, but didn’t lose his smile. He gestured her into the hospital room where a man laid in a johnny gown. “This is Louis McKay. He is slowly losing multiple organs including his liver, a kidney, and quite possibly soon, his heart. We are doing our best to keep him comfortable, but as the days continue on, he only gets worse.”

Sabrina watched as the pale frame of Louis sat up. He shared a weak smile before taking a sip from the paper cup at his bedside. “It would be an honor if you are able to sacrifice yourself to help me get better,” he said.

Reading option #2

Witch Which Wished

As I flicked through the pamphlet I still couldn’t believe what I was reading. “Bring the dead back to life” and “Body tune ups/reconditions and vessels for life bringing. The company itself was listed under “Undrella Cosmetics and Revitalization” and never had I even wasted the time looking at them before. That was until my coworker George pulled me aside and told me the secret of the success this place was having.

A lady called me over to a window and I now started getting a little nervous. Without even looking up she called “name!” “Tod Lowry” I replied nervously as she searched something out of my view on the computer. “Age and occupation!” she now asked still not having looked up at all. “40 and salesman for Mercedes!” I tried to finish with a little flair so that she would be impressed, but still there was not even a glimmer of a change of expression, that was until she finished entering details. Once done she looked at me hard, I could feel my stomach become a little uneasy as she stared but then she spoke again, “Does anyone know your here? And were you followed” “No and No” I said with a little more confidence knowing the questions were now done.

After a second of looking at her screen she asked me to be seated and wait for name to be called. I turned and looked around the waiting room, there was not another soul there nor did it look like the room ever catered to many people. I looked back to say something to the lady at reception but as my head turned I heard the slam of the window kept at reception so shrugging I made my way to a seat in the back corner so I could face where the doctor should be coming out.

As I started to lower myself into the seat the door next to reception flew open and a strange looking humanoid creature came out calling Tod. I looked around the empty room to make sure there was no other Tod’s around before standing and saying “I’m Tod!” “No shit!” The little I assume person replied gesturing to me to follow. As I approached the door I could feel a weird energy from inside…

Submitting your work

Email your audio files to warmbookworms@gmail.com / warmbookworms@foa.plus


Please join our public Slack channel for any questions or concerns regarding the contest or:

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