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“Future of Authoring, Apprenticeship & Academia” – A series of little ideas and grand planning came together to create this project for betterment of the people.


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FOA.PLUS is a project about starting a tech startup that is built by the authors for the authors. In an effort to start this business, we are providing an ecommerce platform with ability to blog and showcase your books or just simply write your reviews about the books you love or just the ones you have recently read.

Obviously, this picture is just a stock photo in place of the author’s photo. For example, yourself. Click here to sign up and we can create your online store. You can try it for 2 weeks. Keep scrolling down to learn more.


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Future of Authoring

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This will be a platform that enables the collaboration among writers and authors. Since this platform will be built for the future of authoring and the empowerment of the current authors, everything will be built to benefit the authors, writers and everyone else that is in the area of literature.

By enabling and empowering authors to seamlessly collaborate amongst one another from all around the world, who are sharing ideas and contributing to write the story that no single author can dream of writing.

However, that is not the point. The point is to build the greatest digital library of the 21st century and beyond. And you can shadow the process of us building this platform that will empower not only authors but students and teachers of literature and such of the future.

Students can complete small gigs of writing blog articles to writing short stories at JOBS.FOA.PLUS which each job starts at $5 and up. You can let the market decide how much you can get for your writing skills.


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Future of Authoring
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Future of Authoring, Apprenticeship & Academia