The Offer

Please find below what we are offering for authors, writers, literature students and teachers. With this offer we can 1) make textbooks and education free, 2) build the first ever Greatest Digital Library in the history of humanity and 3) prepare the foundation and fundamentals of coauthoring to illuminate the path of the Future of Authoring, Academia & Apprenticeship. Plus plenty more!

Please read them thoroughly!

Fully Integrated

E-Commerce Website

Sell your goods and services. Digital or physical books. Blogging, book reviews and showcase your book launch. Teachers can have unlimited fundraisers. Writers and authors can have unlimited crowdfunding projects. This platform is fully equipped and ready to go.

10% Profit

Sharing Program

With 10% ROI among first 2000 investors [authors, writers, teachers and students], estimated earning of a similar system that uses the same technology as our Collaboration Platform alone is over $300 million which divides to ROI of $15,000/year per investors.

Microjobs & Gigs

Free Market Platform

The Writers Gig Economy of the internet created for and catered to writers, authors, students and teachers.

Free Public

Education & Textbooks

ELearning was estimated to be worth $105 billion industry back in 2015. By year 2025, it’ll be worth $325 billion. This project will set the foundation for this inevitable future of academia and share the profit produced by our platform back with you. We have amazing things planned for this setup. Let’s educate the world!

Build the

Greatest Digital Library

In 6 months, we can build the foundation of the Greatest Digital Library of human history that’ll put the supposed Great Library of Alexandria to shame. In short, the future is digital and that is inevitable. “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


Change the Future

The backbone of this platform is the true backbone of this internet age. If you are a tech company or even a single developer and you haven’t utilized this software, you have already lost in the industry. We build our platform around this powerful open-source software. It’s the Thing!

    We pledge all these plus more! If you support this platform with $10/month for the next 6 months, we’ll give you access to all of the above and more from day 1. After we launch the startup in 6 months, you can use the platform for free for as long as you still qualify and we’re still in business. In short, this is a joint venture between FOA.PLUS and 2000 students, teachers, authors and writers. Scroll down to learn how much $10/month will get you!

Early Bird Gets The Warm BookWorms

This platform comes with complete ecommerce features. Sell your books and services. All you need is PayPal account and optional Stripe account for credit card payments. Do you provide editing services? Tutoring? Ghostwriting? Add your schedule and let your customers book a session with you. We’ll take care of the marketing and advertising of your […]


Join us in this thrilling adventure!

Fully Integrated eCommerce Website
Benefit #1

All FOA.PLUS partner sites have the ability to post blogs, vlogs, news articles, book reviews, upcoming events, meetups and much more. We use our blogging posts for our weekly writing/narration/voice-over contests’ current standing and results posts here.

Take donations, find sponsors and investors for your work. You can start accepting donations or sponsorships from the day you enroll. Sample post!

You can start selling your books and services from the day we accept and enroll you into our system. Sell digital or physical books. Editors, ghostwriters, content creators, translators, and freelance writers can sell their services. All you need is a PayPal account and an optional Stripe account for easy credit card payments.

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest search engine rules and regulations, sites without secure connections (https) are now penalized. We provide free SSL certificates for all of our partner sites. If you were to build your own site these are some sample pricing from SSL certificate providers: GoDaddy $79.99/year, Comodo $88/year, SSL.COM $49/year, DigiCert $207/year, so on and so forth.

Amazon Web Services hosted infrastructures trusted by Netflix, NASA, Adobe & Dow Jones, & more. With typical hosting elsewhere you are paying for slice of a slice of a slice of a server. We have multiple performance servers dedicated and ready to deploy in case of any traffic surge so our sites can handle high volume traffic.

We take care of the plugin updates, installations and maintenance globally so you don’t have to.

We also take care of the SEO and search engine indexing so you don’t have to.

If you get a website elsewhere, you would be paying $10+ /month anyways however, if you back our project on Patreon for the next 6 months, you get fully optimized, author centric website while your monthly payment goes towards investing into all 3 platforms.

Full access to 6-month long business development "webinars"
Benefit #2

Ever wonder what it takes to build a new tech startup? Well, this is your chance to follow and learn from all the processes it takes to build a brand new tech startup from ground up. Weekly progress update videos, access to live coding webinars, access to early release features, live chat + plus more

Want to work for an author centric tech startup? As FOA.PLUS expands and grows, we would need to start hiring qualified individuals to run the company. Our first 2000 supporters will have early access to future job listings and opportunities. We will recruit from our pool of supporters first and you can refer your family and friends as well.

To keep all 2000 of our supporters in the loop of current standings and stages of each projects, partners will have access to members only weekly progress updates, meeting updates and overall progress of the project so you can see how far your $10 investment each month is being stretched.

Interested in learning what exactly goes on during the development of a web app or software? As we build the platform, we can create educational videos about how each projects are being built and what technology is being used etc You can learn the industry tricks, tips and secrets.

As we build this business and platform, you can shadow and learn about how we are building out the business side of the startup. From applying for business licenses to building out the company culture and structure, we will teach you and bring you through this and in the end we hope to equip you with enough experience and skills to kickstart your own startup or business.

Benefits #3, #4 ... #99

Everything else

Weekly Writing Contests

We created the Immortal Contest in an effort to build a watering hole, oasis or haven for authors and writers to come find us. Main function of this contest is showcasing the potential and benefits of the collaboration platform and coauthoring in general. During the Immortal Contest, we collectively write a single (sometimes multiple) storyline(s) with the help of anyone who’s interested in continuing the storyline. At the end of the contest, we bring the contestants together to form a writing team to finish the short story that was written during the contest. When all writers collectively agree on the set dollar amount they come up with to finish the story together, FOA.PLUS starts the fundraising/crowdsourcing/marketing efforts for the writers. We aim to find each weekly writers group their future sponsors, investors, micro-investors and donors who see the potential in the story they created.

Weekly Narration Contest

At the conclusion of our Weekly Writing Contest, we submit the collaboratively coauthored storyline to the Weekly Voice-Over Contest where we seek to find the main voice-over actor who can join the Immortal Contest writing team of the week to further help with the authoring process. The winner of the voice-over contest will then have the opportunity to do the narration of the final book that is produced from the group. Voice-over actor can also come up with the $ amount that they’d be content with doing the narration for the finished novel and that will be tagged on to the donation goal of the writing team.

Free Education & Textbooks

Upon acceptance to join the FOA.PLUS, you will be part of the first supporters of a platform that’s going to set the standards and the foundation of the Future of Academia & Apprenticeship. Multi-billion dollar online education industry is on a rapid growth and we aim to share the benefits of this opportunity with you. Plus, who doesn’t want to be part of a movement that’s going to help restructure and prepare the education system for the future. Early bird gets the Warm BookWorms!

Seasonal Themes

FOA.PLUS partner sites will have access to new seasonal themes to chance the look and feel of their sites. This current theme you are looking at is the main and current placeholder design that you will have access to once you’re part of the FOA.PLUS family. To further illustrate the vision of the main FOA.PLUS site is that the main platform will function like an online mall/shopping center which the vendors and stores within it are authors, writers and students providing literacy services and literary goods.

Shark Tank for the People or the Robin Hood way of starting a startup

You’ve seen the TV show Shark Tank, right? It’s where “entrepreneurs” pitch their business ideas to potential investor judges who are millionaires and billionaires. Well, we do business little differently. Instead of pitching this idea to people who’re already set for life, we decided to partner with Scholarship Developers: Progressively Hyperactive Patrons (PHP) program to provide this opportunity to a school of 2000 authors, writers, teachers and students.

A.I Generated Story Prompts

Our platform will have auto generated story prompts for current and aspiring authors and writers…

Free Public Education

Give us this chance and we’ll prove it to you!


FOA.PLUS aims to bring together the world’s largest community of authors to discover, share, and build better books. From public domain books to private team projects, we’re your all-in-one platform for collaborative authoring.

TLC for Public Domain Books

Boy do we have beautiful plans for them old classics! Come hear what we have to offer for these olden but golden gems. Also, you know you can published public domain books yourself as of today, right?

Researchers, Investors, Editors, Publishers, Translators + more user types

Imagine an author centric platform that all these other professionals come to find YOU.

1 vs 100

Simple arithmetic here. 1 author vs 10 authors writing from same prompt… guess which has more potentials? If winning is guaranteed on the other side of coauthoring, why stubbornly carry all the load alone yourself? You know TV show writers etc work in teams, right?

Private/Public Chatrooms for Your Books

Public chatroom for your fans and followers to come and drop ideas, potential new directions. Private chatroom for your internal team that consists of the above user types. Your sponsors, editors, graphics designer, marketer, translator, publisher all working together. Would you not like that? Where else do you get that?

The Dream Team All-Star Authors Team?

What if we celebrate authorship/penmanship and write ONE book collectively every decade? Sports has All-Star games, why not authors?

Rubber Duck Chatrooms

Join as a character of your book and interact with other characters to come up with new directions and understand your character deeply. Throw your character in conversation with many other characters. Alter egos are welcome 😉

Templates, Formatters, Auto-Suggestions, Shortcuts for Script Writing

Making writing easy.

Every Book Repo comes with its WIKI Pages.

Yea, exactly what it says. Dedicate a page describing your settings, characters, storylines. Easy to follow and more structured.

Let your fans and supporters donate to you and your books.

Donation/Investment lines for your author page and books.

Plus more

There are many other benefits, goals and plans that are in process which we cannot share publicly. Once you join FOA.PLUS, you can get access to all the juicy details and plans to accomplish what’s been offered above and plenty more later once you’re part of the team. Upon acceptance, you can join the team in our members only private Slack channel and get access to Benefit #2 items and much more

Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

For 33 cents/day you can have a blogging, ecommerce website, invest in the future of authoring, academia & apprenticeship and gain all the knowledge and experience needed to elevate your own ideas and business endeavors. If at anytime during the first month you feel that the benefits and knowledge you gained wasn’t worth the $10 investment, you let us know and we will refund your money back. The investment intervals are monthly so it is in the best interest of FOA.PLUS to produce as much as possible each month to continue receiving your support then on after. So, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any of our platforms and social media pages. You can find the links below.

We are looking for the muggles who are crazy enough to think they can change the future! Calling all the crazy ones!

Message from The Future of Authoring, Academia & Apprenticeship

At the end of this project when we have launched the business and started up the partnerships, you will wonder why we have never done this before… well, they didn’t have you and I! There will eventually come a time where our current “complete” history of humanity will be bunched into half a sentence of a footnote of a single age and for that distant future and the immediate ones that are sure to follow, they will remember us that this is where it all began. That this was our finest moment that turned the tide and corrected the trajectory of our collective human evolution!

Authors, Writers, Students & Teachers

This is our gift to you

anyone can pledge any amount but to qualify to become one of the first 2000 beneficiaries of the 10%

Who is qualified to apply for the 10% profit sharing program?

  • A.

    Have valid .edu email address [ current teachers/students/faculty & staff (clerk, security guard, bus drivers etc) ]

  • B.

    Have recent published work (1 year grace period) or have entered in our Weekly Writing Contests [authors/writers]

Early Birds Application

Student (.edu email)Teacher (.edu email)Writer/AuthorOther

Upon acceptance, your essay will be read in your welcome video (anonymously)